This is a legal document which dictates all the terms and conditions which are subject to the use of which is referred to as “Coupon90”, “we” or “us” in the following document. By registering as a user on, you are accepting our terms of service. Therefore, you must read and understand this document before using our services. This document may be subject to change in the future at our sole discretion as stated in clause 13 below.

Our Service enables its registered users to avail Cashback or a cash reward on their purchases from retailers listed on the website. also provides discount codes and coupons of various online retailers.

You can also refer to our help pages and other documentation on incase you seek more information or have any queries regarding our services.

Termination of Account reserves the right to terminate any account incase any fraudulent, abusive or unfair activity is obeserved from that account. In addition, accounts that are deemed to be “inactive” as per clause 14 may also be terminated.

Coupon90 account can only be used for personal, non-commercial use, any accounts being used for commercial activity will be terminated. Any pending or confirmed cashback in such terminated accounts shall be forfeited and the decision will be irrevocable and binding.

In case user does not provides us with a valid or serviceable email address, his/her membership will also be terminated.

We also reserve the right to refuse or deny membership to any individual.


Coupon90 currently pays a bonus Rs.50 for each of your referral. This referral bonus is subject to change at any point of time as per the discretion of Coupon90. However, to get the referral bonus, the referred member must satisfy certain conditions and requirements:
– Only genuine and unique referrals will be paid. – Referred member must accumulate cashback amount of atleast Rs.99 in his account.
– The referrer must have at least Rs.100 in his Coupon90 account to earn the referral amount.

Multiple accounts or signups by the same user or any fraudulent signups will result in permanent termination of the accounts.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy dictates what information we may collect about you, how we may use it, the choices you have concerning its use and whether we share it with any third party. This Privacy Policy forms a part of this document, and by agreeing to the same you also give us the consent to handle your information as per the terms of the policy.

Unauthorized Use of our Website

Coupon90 reserves the right to terminate any user account and forfeit the earnings of the same, if it is found to be in violation with any of our Terms of Service.

Users must not make or attempt to make any transaction with a retailer or to gain cashback by providing incorrect or false information. Users must also refrain themselves from fraudulently or unfairly exploiting retailer\’s offers.

In the event of tampering with the website including modification of URLs, distributing unauthorised URLs, email cloaking, running automated scripts or pages being spidered will also result in permanent suspension/termination of the account.

Coupon90 members are also under the obligation that any material posted by him/her may not :
– Be defamatory, offensive, abusive, obscene, indecent or of malicious nature.
– Contain any computer virus, macro virus, Trojan horse, worm, or anything else designed to interfere with, interrupt, or disrupt the normal operating procedures of a computer or to surreptitiously intercept, access without authority, or expropriate any system, data or personal information.
– Violate any applicable law or regulation.
– Breach the rights of any person or entity.
– Advertise any goods or services.

We would like you to report to us, incase you see anything on that violates the above mentioned criterion. Each user also acknowledges that Coupon90 is entitled but is not obliged to remove any such material that is violation with above mentioned criterion.

Modification of Terms

We solely reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions listed in this document and post a new one, at any point of time at our sole discretion. Users will thoroughly be notified of any modifications and the new Terms of Service will come into effect no later than 30 days.

Virus Disclaimer

We make our best efforts to rigorously scrutinize all the content posted on However, we cannot be held responsible for any kind of loss or damage to the data on your computer occurring while using

Contact Details

For any queries regarding our terms and conditions you may contact us through our Contact Us page. Please note that all communications under this Agreement are to be sent and received only by email. For this purpose, your notices should be sent via our contact form , and we will send you our notices at the email address you provide us when you register for an account on