Website Designing Course in mansa


Website Designing Course In Mansa

Website design courses are provided to train people in designing websites with latest techniques using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Responsive Design with bootstrap framework with live projects. Whichever website you see and use on the internet, is prepared by specialized designing technology. Many people think that they can prepare their website by using whatever little knowledge they have, but it does not work. The Search engine ranks only those WebPages, which contain useful features for the users.

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What is Website designing ?

Web design is the planning and creation of websites. This includes the information architecture, user interface,
site structure, navigation, layout, color, fonts and imagery. All of these are combined with the principles of design
to create a website that meets the goals of the owner and designer.


Training Duration

Course Name: Website Designing Training

Course Duration: 45 Days/90 Days/ 3 Months

Eligibility: Any Graduate/undergraduate With Good Communication Skills
& Computer Knowledge

Demo Class: Free

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Website Designing Syllabus

Start Work On Live Project

Introduction to Web Technologies

  • Introduction to Website.
  • How the website works?
  • Layouts & Composition.
  • Client Side & Sever Side Scripting.
  • Difference b/w “Web Designer” & “Web Developer”.
  • Types of Websites (Static & Dynamic)
  • Web Standards & W3C Recommendations.

Web Structures & Templates

  • Website Basic Structures.
  • Advanced Web Structures.
  • Latest Web Structures.
  • UX Concept Overviews.

Color Combination Theory

  • Three Color Combination Concepts.
  • Compound Color Scheme
  • Analogous Color Scheme
  • Triadic Color Scheme
  • Complementation, Contrast, Vibrancy in Colors.
  • Color Combination ratio


Introduction to HTML

  • What is HTML (Markup Language?)
  • Basic Structure of HTML.
  • Introduction to Head Section & Meta Tags


HTML Basic Tags

  • Heading Tags.
  • Structure Elements.
  • Semantic and Non-Semantic Elements.
  • Block Level & Inline Elements.
  • Paired & Unpaired Elements


Content & Media Elements

  • Paragraph Element.
  • Span & Pre Element.
  • Image Element.
  • Iframe, Embed & Objects Element.
  • Anchor Element.


HTML Form Element & Attributes

  • Input Element & its various Types.
  • Creating Dropdown with “Select & Option” Elements.
  • Uploading Files & Hidden Fields.
  • Creating Submit & Reset Buttons.
  • Creating User Login & Signup Forms.
  • Register Forms using Form Elements.


Introduction to Basic CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

  • What is CSS?
  • Role of CSS in Web Designing.
  • Different Types of CSS.
  • Rule of CSS.
  • CSS Box Model.
  • CSS Selectors
  • Class Selector.
  • ID Selector.
  • Child Selector.
  • Type Selector


Advance HTML Concepts (HTML 5)

  • Introduction to HTML 5.
  • Difference b/w HTML & HTML 5.
  • HTML Doctype.
  • New Structure Elements
  • Section Element.
  • Article Element.
  • Nav Element.
  • Header Footer.
  • Footer Element.

New Form Elements

  • Search
  • Tel
  • Url
  • Email
  • Number and Range


New Media Elements

  • Audio Element.
  • Video Element.
  • Iframe Element.
  • Source Element.


Responsive Website Designing

  • Introduction to Responsive Designing.
  • How we make a design Responsive?
  • Using Media Queries.
  • Using Frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation).
  • Twitter Bootstrap Framework Components.
  • CSS
  • Components
  • JavaScript
  • Customizing